Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Here are some track listings for the songs I have made, and Ill set up some of my guitar tabs

1.Kill Tonight Die with a knife
2.Life and Death Apart
3.Fate Forth
4.December ( No not like the linkin park song )
5.Wanting and Craving
9.Kurts Posse
10.Drain you (Nirvana Cover)
11.Encourage the Dead
12.Blood Mass Maggot Sucker

Ill put more when I write more.... I havent thought of a name though eaither so ill figure it out, and maybee well have a web site also... one that slipknot doesnt have... LOL

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Sunday, December 28, 2003
Wow Its a Thing I wrote


Hahah sorry I am really bored Um Yeah and i wanted to tell you slipknots record is comming out In late january hell yeah, anyways I am starting a band so if anyone plays bass or drums, and wants to play a nu-metal/gunge/accusticish band then Email me

The one they call Foo Foo

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Days After Christmas

Oh wow its already after Christmas... Um i dont change this thing often do i? Well lets get to b usiness, the holidays are finally over and I am happy oh so happy, I really hate the holidays, oh well i got something outta it. No I dont care about gifts here. I hate it when people give you something and you have nothing to give back, its really dumb you feel like an idiot sometimes. Oh well I have been on vacation for a long time from school, and I have been eating alot. I just got a new guitar and it is really nice for an accustic, I have an electric but I never really liked it. I havent been doing anything because my job hassnt really called me into work, school is out, and my girlfriend has been really busy, and I havent had no way of getting over there. Oh well I am going over there on Wednesday (New Years Eve) Wow our last day together before the new year. Oh joy oh joy we are gonna have fun until the years over LOL. Right now it feels like I cant eat anymore my stomach is really full of food, and I have filled myself up, I think I am gonna blow now. Ha oh well ill quit complaining life is just fine. I am  kinda happy because I am talking to this girl in my school that I met in August again, and thats really cool because I never talk to her as much as I used to. She keeps saying we are going seprate ways, and I am blocking her outta everything, but its not its the other way around.

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Thursday, November 27, 2003
Smells like Thanksgiving

Hey everyone, whats up? Not alot here um its me Chris.... Anyways what are you all doing? Its Thanksgiving night and this day sucks, just like every thanksgiving. I dont belive in this holliday only because I think rich people suck alot!!! Anyways I would give up everything to anyone just to prove every one of my points here... Like the whole Bush thing... The president is EVIL and the government is also EVIL!!! Okay anyways this vacation has been okay already I geuss. Um I got to see my girlfriend before and after tree house tuesday and wednesday this week... which was really cool... I was gonna say something on tuesday but the people didnt give me anytime because everyone took up my time... damn talkative peoplez... Anyways about my girlfriend Victoria... I get to go over to her house on Monday which will be really cool just me and her and my best buddy eva. Eva is her sister... They are twins just not look alike ones like some people I know... Um she is into alotta stuff like Hatebreed and the great one and only Kurdt Cobain!!! Anyways I have nothing else to say so I better go now stay sic and Stay Tuned.

Its better to burn out then to fade away.

Stay Sic

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Sunday, November 23, 2003
Ahhh First Entry

Hey Its me Chris and well its Sunday... This is my very first post and it will really suck. Well anyways I geuss you are supposed to write crap in these things about how ur day/week has been so okay I geuss I will. Well it was Weak as usually. I had to go to STS today for somethings I did this summer that I shouldnt have been doing, and it was a long day, well we hadda sweep this big garage type thing were snow plows and police cars are held for the county. After that I had to go to work, I have a really sucky job.... Mickey D's..... Well earilyer this week I had to go to my moms house for 2 weeks because my parents are divorced and have this plan were I go one place for 2 weeks and then another 2 weeks, but I shouldnt complain people have it worse then myselve. Anyways on Thursday I came back to my moms and after school went to my girl friend Victorias ooo la la and we did some stuff at her house :-D Anyways later at night we went to something called Tree House that goes on every Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I was really werid I geuss.... Anyways I am really bored right now, I think my friend Martha is mad at me... well I dont know I feel like she is because me and her used to talk after every class and shit, but now she never comes up to me and talks to me and whenever I go to her she seems really depressed... anyways this Journal is gay I am gonna split bye....

Stay Sic- Chris

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Here is a little about me the author of this Journal I didnt know what to say in this but hey here is some of these things that you might need to know I geuss well anyways here you go.


NaMe ChRIs (cj) McCoNNeLL
AgE 15 ALmoST 16
BirTHDaY ApRiL 5tH
HAiR CoLoRz BLaCK and BLuE
AiM DarkBlueKittyz or Forsakenwarningx


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Remeber "Its Better to Burn out Then To Fade Away" Quoted by the one and only Kurdt Cobain

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